There4 Development

Open Source Software from Craig Davis and Friends


A news aggregator site built from the read-it-later-feeds of several contributors.

Slim Framework Unit Testing Example

Integration testing a Slim PHP site with PHP Unit and without a webserver

Markdown Resume Builder

Build your resume with simple Markdown tools. What started as an experiment in CSS and print styles turned into something useful!

jQuery Animated Border

A simple callout for any block level element

FogBugz Command Line Client

A complete terminal interface to FogBugz. Leave notes, view cases, assign, manage your working-on status without leaving the terminal.

TermCamp, a Campfire command line client

A node experiment with a nicely functional terminal client

Gifts for Medics

A carefully curated list of gifts for paramedics

Unique Gifts for Teachers

My mother is a teacher with 32 cheese knives from gifts. Something had to be done.

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